The Sun’s In It’s Place

On my way home yesterday evening I drove toward the rising moon in the east. It was beautiful over the water. I love this portion of my drive. Crossing the bridge seems to be a doorway of peace whether coming or going.

As I looked at the moon I glanced into my rear view mirror and my breath caught at the sight of the setting sun. I pulled into the park just across the dam and walked out onto the dock just in time to catch the beauty before me give way to the night…as he does in our particular place on earth every spin upon the axis. Night did not mean he wasn’t present. He was. He is. He never leaves. He is only hidden for a moment.

He may at times seem hazy, covered by clouds. Or he may be waiting to reveal himself at just the right moment, shattering the darkness of night. But make no mistake the sun never moves from its position. He is unshaken by the haze, storms, or darkness of night. For in all these things he remains light.

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