Reading: Chapter Four of Libby Lizard’s Fabulous Adventure-The Journey Continues

Hi, Guys! I'm having trouble with getting videos to load. So, I'll share the link with you. Link sharing really helps on my media storage space too! Just click on the link below to hear me read Chapter Four of Libby's adventure.

Libby Lizard’s Fabulous Adventure: Chapter Three-The Journey Home

Libby was hungry, tired, and cold. The afternoon sun was sinking beneath the edge of the earth. The giant parking lot and the safety of her tree root had faded from view. She had traveled the edges of the highways on her journey east, but she knew she needed to eat and find a place …

Libby Lizard's Fabulous Adventure: Chapter One-Far From Home

Libby, short for Olivia Beatrice Lizard (pronounced Lee-Zard), shivered in the morning air. She scampered from her hiding place in the leaves looking for the perfect place to get warm. It was the time of year in which the sun warmed the earth as it rose high in the sky. So, with chattering teeth, Libby …

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