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Is there something in you life that is just not working right? Are you broken, hurt, wounded, anxious, discouraged, or depressed? Do you feel as though you have been grounded and caged in, unable to fly? Grace calls you out of the cage! Daddy God created you to fly! Get ready to spread those wings!

Short Stories and Childhood Memories

Loose Teeth and Taffy

Just A Little Fun:

My heart cry is much like that of the Father’s-to see people walk in freedom. However, I also love writing. So, it is here I have shared some childhood memories, family stories, and some truths sprinkled among fictional tales. Take a look around and have a bit of fun!


There is Good News:

Jesus came to deliver good news. He came for those who had been beaten down and broken, and to heal those whose hearts had been broken into pieces, shattered, and crushed. He declares freedom to those living in cages of fear and darkness.

And…He called us to step from these places of darkness, to grow, to learn, and to practice the things we have learned-to be light and to lead others to freedom.

Words bring to life our internal imagination. Spread your wings and fly dear one! You can only imagine your destination

Pam Clayton

When we are flying, we have a view like no other.

About Us

With our words we have the power to create or destroy, build up or tear down, to comfort or to devastate. Our words chain us to the laws of gravity or give us wings to fly. As a writer I will continue what I have been doing for most of my life in the roles of counselor, social worker, Community Supervision Officer, and Sunday School teacher-help others discover their freedom to fly!

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