Beautiful Wall

I thought you were beautiful
I formed you with my own hands
fiercely, you surrounded me-
offering protection, cover, a place to hide.
But others failed to see your beauty
and bristled at your presence.
The more they protested the stronger you became
For I could see your cracks and loosened bricks.
So, I patched you up when need arose
standing close within your shadow.
I needed you-or thought I did
Are you a boundary or a prison?
Are you a help or a hindrance?
Friend or foe?
I need you now. This I know.
Defend me, guard me
Hold me safe within your arms.
When we are ready
healed and whole-or as close as we can be-
We'll take you down, brick by brick
-or create more windows and some doors
But for now, I'll keep you close
-as shelter from the storms-
For in this moment, my dear companion,
You are much more a blessing than a curse.
So, to you, I nod my head.
"Thank you, Beautiful Wall."

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