About Jamie

Photo Credit: Grady Glawson

I am an ardent lover of words, both spoken and written. But I have an affinity for the written ones. I am a writer. Mostly of short stories, devotions, and little life lessons inspired by friends, family, and the occasional stranger.

When I was a child Daddy read Dr. Seuss’s Hop on Pop to me. My imagination was ignited! The pictures created in my mind were better than the illustrations. But when Mama introduced me to the miraculous world of the local library I was in awe. Words became my friends and my weapons. 26 splendid letters in infinite combinations became the building blocks for the power of creation.

With our words we have the power to create or destroy, build up or tear down, to comfort or to devastate. Our words chain us to the laws of gravity or give us wings to fly. As a writer I will continue what I have been doing for most of my life in the roles of counselor, social worker, Community Supervision Officer, and Sunday School teacher-help others discover their freedom to fly!

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