Quarantine Upside Down Apple Pear Cake

The pears were going to go bad if I didn't do something with them. I really wanted to make a sort of Tarte Tartin. So, I pulled out my recipe books and hit Pinterest. Nothing really caught my eye, so I combined a fresh apple cake recipe from my Southern Sideboards cookbook, put together by …

Elvis and Tammy Faye

"I’m not going to lie to you. Seeing the home of Elvis was a lot like dying and waking up in a 1970’s Tupperware party hosted by Tammy Faye Baker." Sean Dietrich June 2019 Isn't it funny how one sentence can send memories tumbling from the shelves in the storerooms of our minds?  Things long …

A Tale of Two Centuries

Photo Credit: Grady Glawson

Freedom awaits our people, our cities, and our nations. Hope rises! Yet many of us refuse to be more or do more than that which is easy. Jesus calls us beyond the easy. He calls us into more than ordinary. He call us to be LIGHT!

Good Company

This morning I went for a walk. As I stepped out the door I realized the cool spring air had given way to a heaviness in expectation of the coming rain. Yet, the birds sang and the squirrels played. Morning walks have become a custom for me in the era of social distancing lock-down. And …

Reading: Chapter Four of Libby Lizard’s Fabulous Adventure-The Journey Continues

Hi, Guys! I'm having trouble with getting videos to load. So, I'll share the link with you. Link sharing really helps on my media storage space too! Just click on the link below to hear me read Chapter Four of Libby's adventure. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aq4VaySJ8tOkdO111DcQ89MqzqrTtZI_/view?usp=sharing

On Proverbs 15

You are a gentle answer A Whisper A Hope The Lamb of God Laying down your life No one takes it from you You are a thunderous reply A Roar A hope The Lion of Judah Shouting out your victory Death can't keep you bound You are a tree of Life The hope fulfilled a …

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