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Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Once upon a time, pixie dust was sprinkled over your childhood dreams. Whatever you believed in would come true. You could fly! Then somewhere along the way, you stopped believing. Broken hearts and wounded souls told you to hide like a little trapped bird in its cage, your hopes dashed. Rather than soaring to new heights God imagined for you, your dreams faded into the darkness of night like a falling star. Are you making decisions from a place of fear rather than freedom? Are darkness, depression, and anxiety holding you captive? God desires you to fly, dear one. You were not made to live in the darkness of these cages. The door to freedom is open, you need only step through. In Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust you’ll go on a journey from fear into faith, for a little light becomes a great light as you allow the Lord to heal your fractured places and restore your heart to His. You were meant to fly!

Enjoy this short reading from Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust.


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Woven Books

This publishing team ROCKS! They will partner with your vision and even speak more into you-things you may have never hoped to dream before. Then they will work WITH you every single step of the way to see the vision, the dream, become a reality. It is not an easy work, but it is oh so worth it!


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Let’s fly together!

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