Stay Alert! Four Things the Enemy Wants to Accomplish and How to Overcome his Tactics

I rarely, if ever, share dreams which I believe have meaning. Primarily because they are usually for me to pray through. That said, I share this today, because I believe there is a message here for the church. We must “be alert and of sober mind, for our enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” I Peter 5:8 NIV


I was at a church. It seemed to be a combination of the church I attended as a child and the church I attend today. I had with me a very old and special Bible, my phone, and my keys. I held these three items in my hands. I had arrived early so there were many seats from which to choose. I sat my items down in a seat and then sat down. A wall appeared in front of me. It was a deceptively low wall, but was enough to block my view of all that was in front of me. When I told others I was moving so I could see they seemed confused as to why I would consider moving. After all the wall wasn’t really a big deal to them.

I moved to scout out the other side of the building. It was good seating, so I came back for my stuff. My Bible was missing, so I began to search diligently for it, asking everyone around if they had seen it. I went back to the “good” seating spot and sat my phone and key down, then continued to ask around for my Bible. When I returned, a group of people had moved into the row and moved my phone and keys down. I was irritated and showed it (Sorry!). The Holy Spirit told me I was wrong and to apologize. So I did.

The praise team took the stage and the people began to worship. Then suddenly the sound and the lights went out. The people could not hear the sound of worship from the stage but everyone-on the stage and most in the congregation-continued to worship. I walked to the back and saw men working on what appeared to be an old fashioned telephone connection station to restore the sound.

What I Believe the Spirit is Saying

  1. The enemy wants to block the church’s view of the things God is doing. He will use things which may not seem so big, but they will build barriers blocking our vision.
    • When the enemy attempts to use this tactic God says, “Get up and move!” Scout out new territory like the Israelites scouted the promised land. Tell others. They may not understand and may think you are crazy for moving. But if God says move, then MOVE. If he says stay put and rebuke or tear down the wall, then do that. Move when He moves. Stay when He stays. Listen to HIS Spirit and do what He says.
  2. The enemy will attempt to steal the Word of God from you.
    • Don’t treat the Word of God haphazardly. His Word is an ancient treasure. Treat it as such and carry it with you. Don’t toss it aside or leave it behind. Hide it in your heart, prep the soil, establish good soil in your life, and allow the Word of God to take root in you.
  3. The enemy will attempt to get you off track by being irritated with other members of the body.
    • Don’t fall for this tactic. Treat others with respect and honor. In fact, prefer your neighbor to yourself. Love your neighbor as yourself. Make room for them. Don’t get irritated if you feel displaced by others. God is doing some moving in the lives of His body. Get used to it and adapt! (Matthew 12:31)
  4. Satan wants to silence the sound of worship.
    • Even if you don’t hear the sound, make some noise yourself. Cry out! Shout! Sing! Worship the one true God! Do not allow the enemy to silence your voice just because you may not hear others worshiping. Don’t allow anyone to out worship you.
    • God already has armies in place to restore the sound of worship. The restoration comes through being connected-connected to God and to His Spirit and connected to one another as a body.
    • Connection extends among all generations. From those of us who remember old fashioned telephone connections to those of us who’ve never seen such a thing. Embrace one another, for we all are members of ONE body!

So, BE ALERT! Remain watchful. Be ready to move. Hide the Word of God as a treasure in your heart. Love your neighbor. Worship! And stay connected to the Father and to one another.

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