Stay Alert! Four Things the Enemy Wants to Accomplish and How to Overcome his Tactics

I rarely, if ever, share dreams which I believe have meaning. Primarily because they are usually for me to pray through. That said, I share this today, because I believe there is a message here for the church. We must "be alert and of sober mind, for our enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." I Peter 5:8 NIV


It happens every year in our area of Southeast Texas and has for as long as I can remember-a warm spell signaling the end of winter, such as it is here. It is a harbinger of spring calling people to Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Tractor Supply to browse through the nursery. Tilling begins and the …

The Playlist Update

UPDATE: Dad came through surgery well. Concerns were the cancer would be attached to the chest wall. In that case, the doctor stated he would need to back out and close up without going further. But all was clear in this regard. Praise God!! The surgeon removed Dad's left lung and part of his bronchial …

The Playlist

Are you in a battle? Fight the battle with praise. Allow yourself to be honest with the hurts, the hopes, and the fears. Allow the deep parts of you to cry out to the deep parts of the Spirit of God.

Homeward Bound

The year was 1990.  FYI, I googled important events from 1990. George Bush was president. Nelson Mandela was released from prison. I was in my third year of college. Honestly, I remember little else. Even the top ten tunes and blockbuster movies have faded into the recesses of my memory. I had other things on …

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