Love is Patient

The Patience of I Corinthians 13 is not sitting aside twiddling your thumbs while rolling your eyes declaring yourself to be an icon of self-possessed tolerance. Love goes far beyond mere tolerance. True love is brave in the face of offense, disagreement, or differences . It extends itself to others carrying forgiveness before it is ever asked for.

Love endures for a long time. God’s long time is much different than our definition of “long”. So, it doesn’t retaliate in outbursts of passionate anger. It doesn’t seek vengeance or retribution. This type of patience isn’t even human. It goes beyond mere mortality to divine grace. It is a fruit of the spirit.

It takes backbone and intestinal fortitude to maintain this aspect of love. It is the love we need when that family member you treasure puts an empty box back in the pantry or the stranger steals your spot in the parking lot. It is the kind of love Jesus asks us to possess. It is the kind of love Jesus demonstrated for us and towards us. He extends grace even when we are at our worst.

Love is Patient…

I Corinthians 13:4

Action Challenge: Love one another! Love your children, your spouse, your neighbor…even when they may be at their worst!

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