Good Company

This morning I went for a walk. As I stepped out the door I realized the cool spring air had given way to a heaviness in expectation of the coming rain. Yet, the birds sang and the squirrels played. Morning walks have become a custom for me in the era of social distancing lock-down. And although I have returned to work, I have been able to continue my custom as my work hours have changed somewhat. I am thankful for this time of quiet and peaceful reflection. It seems to set the tone for my day after a morning devotion.

Sometimes I listen to music or podcasts along the way. As I grabbed my phone to head out the door I heard the still, small voice I have grown to recognize over the years as my teacher, Holy Spirit.

“Don’t take your phone. No podcasts. No music. I want you to pray as you walk today.”

I set the phone on the kitchen counter, put on my shoes and headed out.

I began to pray on the first step as Jesus had modeled for his disciples over 2000 years ago.

Father, You are a good God. You are marvelous and wonderful. You are the great creator with no beginning and no end.…”

He interrupted.

I want you to pray over you neighbors. As you pass each house pray for those who live there. If the house is for sale or has sold pray for both the buyer and the seller. Bless them and their house.

So began my morning journey in the company of my Father.

I knew some of my neighbors. Some I did not. From house to house I felt a prodding from Holy Spirit as to the direction of my prayer. I thanked God for them and the blessing they are to our life and to that of the other neighbors. I spoke blessings over their home. I prayed for their children and their parents. I declared joy over some, peace over others, strength over others, long life, health to their bones as they aged, wisdom in current situations and future decisions, physical and emotional healing. I prayed for protection over my law enforcement neighbors. I thanked God for those of my neighbors who are in ministry. I prayed for those who did not know Him that they may come to know Him. I prayed for the journeys of those who were moving out and moving in. I shifted as He shifted. I was quiet when He was quiet.

I arrived home in peace, thankful for my time walking with Daddy God. As I approached my home I thanked Him for walking with me in the cool of the day and for granting me the honor of praying for my neighbors.

Well,” I heard Him say, “We were going the same direction.”


Dear friends, God is no respecter of persons. He longs to walk with you, or sit with you-to spend time with you in the simplest of moments, in your everyday activities. He wants to guide you as you pray. He is speaking to you. You can hear His voice. Listen. Tune your ear to hear Him. Respond. And then follow. I guarantee you, He is good company.

He has made it clear to you…what is good and what the Lord is requiring from you— to act with justice, to treasure the Lord’s gracious love, and to walk humbly in the company of your God.

Micah 6:8 ISV

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