Summer Falls

Summer falls into Autumn warm spices fill our cupsand command our algorithms green erupts into colorwarm shades of the seasonExcitement fills the air and the heartsPollen dropsyellow lingers in the windI feel it upon my faceparticles of dust Goldenrod, Ragweed, Elm and GrassHay is cut and rolled into balesI sneezeagain and againEyes red, stuffy nose …

Autumn Evening

Blue birds and brown house finches play the sun dips behind the treesA soft breeze catches wind chime sails the strikers play a delightful tune:A symphonic orchestra in perfect harmony. Leaves clap in adoration. I smile Breathe in the airIt’s cooler now and I can smell the slight rumblings of FallBirds scatterThe sun disappearsThe symphony …


The sky is a kaleidoscope Turned within the hand of the masterMulti-faceted pieces fall into placeEndless variationsEver changing view Each take shapeBeautiful, seen, noticedReflection, Refraction Light dancesColors seat themselves across the canvasAnother turnColors sway and settle once moreLight laughsThe keeper of the kaleidoscope breathesDelighted.

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