Summer Falls

Summer falls into Autumn 
warm spices fill our cups
and command our algorithms
green erupts into color
warm shades of the season
Excitement fills the air and the hearts
Pollen drops
yellow lingers in the wind
I feel it upon my face
particles of dust
Goldenrod, Ragweed, Elm and Grass
Hay is cut and rolled into bales
I sneeze
again and again
Eyes red, stuffy nose
gasping for breath
Pumpkins and spice-Beautiful
Yet I wait for early spring
the first of reborn flowers
Butterflies, bunnies, and brand new life
The warmth of the sun upon my face
Spring never falls-It stands!!
It stands to welcome new life
born from winter past
Yet still, the Autumn’s purpose is not lost
So, I will sit with you around the fire
And eat a s’more-or maybe two.

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