Stolen Prayers

I have no words to speak to you
None which are my own
Yet, You are ever present
Even when I cry to you from the ends of the earth
Angry, sad, lost, faint hearted
All out of words
You lead me to the Rock
For you are my refuge, my safe place

So, when Words fail
I steal my prayers…
from King David
John the Beloved
Or saints and poets of old

It’s okay
I’m not really stealing
Borrowed prayers are still prayers-
Conversations with my God
Words creating space for you to come
-to heal my broken heart
-to deliver my captive mind
-to bring light into the darkness
-to free my damaged soul

I remember- this is why you came
Spirit of the Lord resting upon you.
A proclamation for us all.

I’ve heard it said
“There is a balm in Gilead-
To make the wounded whole.”
So, I believe with all of me
My words will grasp your heart.
So I, your servant, lift my voice
To the Lord who never fails

I trust you now,
To hear these prayers
When it is all I have
Poured out to you before your throne
Borrowed, Stolen, Said

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