poetry #prose Have you ever felt you were carrying so much you couldn’t seem to hold on to all of it? Maybe you’ve felt just as fragile as an armful of eggs. Perhaps you’ve even felt so desperate to hold everything together, that not only did all the things you were trying to carry break, …

The Weight of Love

Have you ever felt as though you had no safe place to dwell? Have you been surrounded by fear and darkness while you searched for the light? You may feel unloved and unwanted. But I tell you-JESUS LOVES YOU! His love is very real. It is a weighted blanket full of life, warmth, comfort. His love is the kind you feel deep down inside and to the marrow of your bones. Reach for it! Cling to it! He is reaching for you!

A Full Sink, An Empty Tank

The dishes taunted me from their place in the kitchen sink.  Both sides were filled to capacity and some dishes sat to the side, resting on the counter top, too large to fit.  I was exhausted!  It had been a day!  As a matter of fact, it had been a weekend.  I had been on …

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