Birds aren’t meant to live in cagesNeither are peopleBut there she was: Trapped, uglyLosing all her feathersMoltingPlucking the feathers one by oneFreeing space for new ones to appearIt was painfulIt was hardPerhaps she could be beautiful againI knelt beside her“It’s okay, little one. I forgive you. You are always and forever FORGIVEN.”“I don’t deserve forgiveness.” …

Notes on Proverbs 15

You are a gentle answerA WhisperA HopeThe Lamb of GodLaying down your lifeNo one takes it from youYou are a thunderous replyA RoarA hopeThe Lion of JudahShouting out your victoryDeath can't keep you boundYou are a tree of LifeThe hope fulfilleda tongue bringing healingMy heart lies open before youMy victoryMy freedomMy healingMy Lion and My …

A Call to Love

Let love remain as strong as death Unyielding as the grave Let it be a blazing fire consuming as it burns. Let love consume the hate, the anger and despair Let love destroy all the hurt And shatter all the pain. Let love stand tall among us all Unquenched A mountain among roaring waters Tall, …

A Tale of Two Centuries

Photo Credit: Grady Glawson

Freedom awaits our people, our cities, and our nations. Hope rises! Yet many of us refuse to be more or do more than that which is easy. Jesus calls us beyond the easy. He calls us into more than ordinary. He call us to be LIGHT!

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