A Call to Love

Let love remain as strong as death
Unyielding as the grave
Let it be a blazing fire
consuming as it burns.

Let love consume the hate, 
the anger and despair
Let love destroy all the hurt
And shatter all the pain.

Let love stand tall
among us all
A mountain among roaring waters
Tall, Unworn 
by time and motion

And let hope arise among the smoke
For Faith is not yet dead
priceless at such great cost
remains to speak its name

It calls out from the ground
The blood He shed for all

Love covers multitudes of sins
I know this to be true!
God, let forgiveness reign
May we seek it quickly from You.
And grant the same to one another.

Let faithfulness never leave us
As we cry out for mercy.
You have said
even when we are unfaithful
You remain true.

When we are shattered
Your love will not be shattered
When we are broken
Your love will not be broken
We ask for wholeness
We proclaim deliverance
We declare freedom

So,  we say. "Spirit, Come!”
For where the Spirit 
of the Lord is
There is freedom!

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