A Day on Walnut Ridge

Variegated blues painted upon earth’s canvas
White light, scattered molecules
Science becoming art
Floating water vapors refused to sit for the portrait
Having hidden themselves this day upon some other distant shore

Children chase one another in the distance
While parents call their names
Rhythmic thuds echo in the slough
As oars pull water propelling the vessel forward
The shutter of a lens. Images caught.
Light captured by light
Memories encapsulated in time

Spanish moss drips from cypress
As turtles sun themselves upon one anothers' backs
Gators slowly drift just below the surface
Merely a log to the unfamiliar or unaware
Bass sail from its depths to hit top-water in search of prey
Crappie feed methodically beneath the algae
Slurping up grubs and worms together in unity
The sound becoming a crackling winter’s fire

Egrets slide gracefully across the sky
Regal, Holding heads high as they land upon the shore
A woodpecker laughs in delight
A Blue Heron calls and glides just above the water
almost joining its image below
Wings stretched wide, unmoving, certain and sure
It catches the wind

And then, for a moment,
There is only me and the breeze across my face
No truer wealth has yet been found
This is grandeur, splendor, luxury
The extravagance of nature
Tranquil Peace, serenity
Living art, a masterpiece
Fashioned not by mans’ hands
But by the Greatest artist ever
Known or unknown-
And it is Good.

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