Happy ThanksChristGivingMas

As Thanksgiving decor begins to blend with Christmas decor in my home and in my friend's homes, I realize nothing is neglected or being cast aside. Instead each holiday and the symbols we set out to remind us of the seasons are appreciated together in harmony. Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in …

The Adventure of Peace

In this season of Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Man you may be struggling to find peace. This is certainly a season in which my family and I must choose peace as we walk together through a path which we have never been before. But we know our hope is in HIM. Our faith in in HIM and we find joy in HIS presence and carry peace beyond understanding. And so, my friend, if you know Jesus, peace is within you. Choose peace today. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

The Adventure of Joy

Hannah wiped her mouth and brushed her back. The morning sickness had hit about two weeks before. Morning sickness was a misnomer. It was more like 'all day sickness'. Her head swam and she could keep little down right now. She poured a bit of water into her cup, took a sip, gargled and spit. …

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