The Playlist

(Above is a picture of some of my own little family. My nephew is in the pic, but we’re missing my sisters and their families. Dad is in the back on the right wearing a light blue shirt. This is only a small portion of all who are praying for you, Dad.)

My dad has been diagnosed with cancer. There. I said it. I don’t like saying he has cancer. The words “been diagnosed with” seems more clinical. It separates one from ownership, somehow.

There have been recommendations and prognoses. But neither of those things are the final answer. We, as a family, reserve the right to use two of our greatest lifelines. We will ask the audience. Not for the answer, but to pray. We will also call a friend. The friend who sticks closer than a brother. We can trust HIM, the King of our Heart, the Lover of our souls, the Savior of the World-our God. We can lean into His everlasting arms. He will hold us, for he never tires and never sleeps. He will hold us when we need holding, lift us up when we need lifting, and give us a little shove to move us along when He sees we are in need of that gentle shove, like a good Father, urging His child forward.

We will pray, believe, and fight.

For me, the best position of warfare is in praise and in worship. So I crank up the music and sing. I sing songs of hope, songs of faith, and songs of victory. In the mornings I pound the steering wheel to the beat as I drive down the highway recalling the times past Dad and I did this together when I was much younger. In the evenings I worship in hope and faith as the Prince of Peace sings with me and over me. And I clean house with words of faith streaming from my smart TV.

Music keeps me. Well, God keeps me! He often uses music to do it.

I share this only because you may be a person of faith who will pray with us, believing for healing. Or, you may be someone who just needs a kick*** playlist to kick the devil’s ***. (I’d use the real words but my Mama and Mother-in-law read this blog. They don’t like that word.)

Some songs rock, some songs bring hope and healing along with honest truth. So, I’m sharing my playlist with you. It’s a bit Rend Collective heavy ‘cause they’re my fav!!

Are you in a battle? Fight the battle with praise. Allow yourself to be honest with the hurts, the hopes, and the fears. Allow the deep parts of you to cry out to the deep parts of the Spirit of God.

Oh, and kick ***!

  1. Unstoppable by Toby Mac
  2. Unstoppable by The DNC (One of my personal favorites!)
  3. Never Back Down by Nine Lashes
  4. Dear X, You Don’t Own Me by Disciple
  5. Not Today by Hillsong United
  6. Highlands by United
  7. In Control by Hillsong Worship
  8. Way Maker by Leland (My husband’s favorite!)
  9. Miracle Maker by Kim Walker Smith
  10. Healing Oil by Kim Walker Smith
  11. Throne Roon by Kim Walker-Smith
  12. Miracles by Jeremy Riddle
  13. Already Done by Free Worship
  14. Praise and Arrows by Trip Lee, Canon, and Deraj
  15. Day of War on Praise and Arrows Album
  16. Not Even Now by Alisa Turner
  17. The God of the Impossible by Lincoln Brewster
  18. Your Name is Power by Rend Collective
  19. Jericho Song by Rend Collective
  20. Marching On by Rend Collective
  21. Every Giant will Fall by Rend Collective
  22. More Than Conquerors by Rend Collective
  23. Not Afraid by Rend Collective
  24. Whatever Comes by Rend Collective
  25. You Hold it All Together by All Sons and Daughters
  26. Miracle or Not by Alisa Turner (Reminds me of the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego)
  27. While I Wait by Lincoln Brewster
  28. Do it Again by Elevation Worship
  29. See A Victory by Elevation Worship

What’s your favorite warfare song? Let me know! I may like to add it to my list. 🙂

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