Notes on Proverbs 15

You are a gentle answerA WhisperA HopeThe Lamb of GodLaying down your lifeNo one takes it from youYou are a thunderous replyA RoarA hopeThe Lion of JudahShouting out your victoryDeath can't keep you boundYou are a tree of LifeThe hope fulfilleda tongue bringing healingMy heart lies open before youMy victoryMy freedomMy healingMy Lion and My …

The Thirty-Nine Year Old Seeds

NOTE:  This is my husband's story.  These are his words as spoken to me and as written in his journal.  There are pieces he asked me not to share.  What I am writing today, I am sharing at my husband's request.  This past Sunday our pastor began a series entitled "Grow".  Last Sunday several of …

An Old Dog With New Tricks For This 2019 Chick

Many have reflected upon 2019 as though the year stands alone, but for me 2019 began long ago, in the heart of a five year old little girl who believed she could fly.

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