Until the Sun Shines, Daddy.

Daddy left earth today, December 4, 2022 at 3:12pm. Saturday morning he was moved from home hospice to inpatient hospice. He said he was there to go meet Jesus. Grady and I were able to stay the day and the night with him. We were able to play his favorite praise music, run the star machine at night , and serve him for just the briefest of moments. I even got to hold his hand for about an hour from 2am to 3am. If I let go he let me know it was not acceptable.

He left in the fall of the year. It’s a beautiful season. The trees prepare to let go. The earth prepares to sleep. But life is also everywhere. It blooms in golden yellows and brick reds. Often the season can be gloomy and grey, but every once in a while the sun breaks forth like the dawn. One of the last things Daddy said to me when he was still able to hold a conversation was, “I’ll see you again when the sun shines.”.

Okay, Daddy, I’ll see you there.

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