The Warrior

King David was known as a great warrior king. He wasn’t just any ordinary soldier. He was a champion. He fought and won many battles and gained victory in many wars. But he didn’t just fight physical battles. He fought some pretty tough internal ones too. The thing I love about David is that he worked some of those internal fights out on paper (Or papyrus)-but I won’t haggle over semantics. I’m not being a literalist here. I’m just trying to make a point. David liked to write. It helped him work through his stuff. And boy, do I get that! He was also a worshiper. He was pretty passionate about his feelings-the good, the bad, and the ugly-and he wasn’t shy about pouring them all out to His Father. I can get that too.


Shepherded along the journey to Unbroken.
The road is long and arduous
“When will we get there,” the child asks.
The Father is silent.
“How long?” "By what means?"
Led. Carried.
Heart Beating within my chest
Ba bump, ba bump
Crushed. Bones withered.
But I am not yet vanquished!
Breath moves within my lungs
In and Out, In and Out

I am a warrior, a contender, a champion
Becoming stronger

There's a fight in me to climb out of the wreckage.
I won't just claw my way through.
I'll move the rubble, plow through the chaos
Bit by bit-
shattered pieces of destruction
becoming altered reconstructions
Recreated as a refuge, a place of shelter
A habitation of hope
No longer ruins, but a testament.
Stepping stones to rise up higher.

It is not in me to lie in a heap 'neath the debris
That would be too easy-the giving up and giving in
I am not dust. Not yet!
Nor am I ashes.
I am silver, Refined in fire.
Waiting. Moment by moment
-for the breath of God to blow across me-
awakening the purity within my heart,
within my soul.

The fire has not yet destroyed me.
It is instead rebuilding me.
It has not incinerated me.
For though I cannot yet see,
The fire is instead igniting me-
a burning within my soul-
kindling the flame of courage
sparking the passion of joy
arousing desire for life
A hope for possibilities not yet born.

For I am not broken!
There is a heart beating within my chest!
Nor am I crushed
For there is yet breath within my lungs.
My bones remain intact,
a steady frame with which I stand.

I am a fighter, a warrior

Jamie Glawson August 23, 2022

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