Your Story…and Mine

Have you ever felt as though your story is over, or have you just desperately wanted it to end? You are not alone. Job told his friends, “Depression haunts my day.

I am nothing more than dust and ashes.” Elijah told the Lord, “I am done!” King David wrote, “I am worn out from sobbing and My vision is blurred by grief.” And then Heman, One of the Psalmists, concurred with, “Darkness is my closest friend.”

Well, I can relate to these guys! I bet some of you can too!

I’ve noticed though, David rarely ends his writings in the darkness. He looks toward the light asking Him to breathe life into his spirit and bring light into his eyes, even in pitch-black darkness. David knew his story was not over. And neither is yours or mine. As long as we have breath in our lungs, new words are being written upon the pages of our lives, one word, one chapter at a time.

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