Love is Not…

Love is…

Romantic love is a hologram-fading in and out depending upon the light or the angle in which it is held. However, we must posses a sacrificial unflinching love before we can ever be successful with long term romantic love. True love remains when we don’t “feel” the emotions of what us humans believe to be love. Conduct a brief Google search and one can find plenty of thoughts on what love is. Much of it is true at one point or another in our lives. Quite a bit of the quotes one will discover is about romantic love. Seldom does it speak of godly love, or brotherly and sisterly love. It fails to focus on neighborly love or the love found in lasting friendships.

I believe one of the truest gauges of real and lasting love is First Corinthians 13. It is here love’s authenticity is put to the test. Are you a super-star linguist? Can you speak multiple languages and even the language of heaven? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have love. Your words are just noise. Can you see into the future, or into others’ destinies? Are you astutely intelligent beyond the scope of mere mortals? Is your faith so strong, you know without doubt nothing can stand in your way? None of this matters if you don’t have love. Are you a great philanthropist? Have you traveled to other nations, war zones, or places of disaster to dedicate yourself to helping others? May God bless you, but it means nothing if your motive is anything less than love.

Love is patient and kind. We know this.

Love is Not…
  1. Envious: jealous, possessive, bitter, resentful, begrudging, selfish, controlling and greedy
  2. Boastful: cocky, arrogant, pompous, pretentious, big headed or full of hot air (As Mama always said, “Don’t get too big for your britches.”
  3. Proud: puffed up or inflated with ones own ego
  4. Rude: Impolite, bulldozing over others
  5. Self-Seeking
  6. Easily Angered: not easily provoked, irritated, or vindictive; doesn’t try to retaliate for wrongs or perceived wrongs

Love isn’t narcissistic or self-absorbed. Narcissus was so busy staring at his own reflection he neglected what was real! When we look only at ourselves, we fail to see the needs of others, to know their hearts. Love looks out. Love considers those around them. Love gives, encourages, serves, honors, comforts, and breathes. It seeks to work in unity.

In short: Love is not selfish!

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