This morning, in a “Let’s Live Happy” study group I am blessed to be a part of, our leader asked us to list three things for which we are thankful. First, it is difficult to limit it to three things! My goodness, I could fill pages!

So, I just begin with ONE of the most recent.

Last night, I was blessed to cook dinner for, and be in the same room with my husband, both my sons, and another young man I call ‘bonus son’, along with all three bonus daughters, my grandchildren, my parents, and my husband’s mom, sister, birth mom and his step-dad! I tell you, I look at these people and am blessed and thankful for each of them for so many reasons!!

I also got in my son hugs (you know the kind that make you feel small and giant all at the same time.) The kind that fill you with pride you got to be a prat of these kids lives when they were kids, and pride of the men they have become. I got in my bonus daughter hugs too. Those fill me with appreciation for their willingness to join their lives with us and share such valuable moments such as this. I am proud of the strong women and supportive wives they each are.

I got in my grand-kid hugs too! Those are sweet and precious, causing you to live in the moment while offering hope for the future.

Then there are the hugs you give your parents, filling you with appreciation for their sacrifices and thankfulness you are still blessed to have parents who are a very present part of your life.

There can never be enough hugs! In a COVID world this is what I am most thankful for today! It’s a shame I took them for granted for so many years. I’ll try to not do that again!

NOTE: Featured image credit: Pexals Free Photos (Not my family. I am horrible about taking and being in pictures. I would say I will try to get better, but I probably won’t. I’m not a great multi-tasker and I’d rather just enjoy the moment.)

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