I Heard You in the Garden

You are the God who speaks

In the Silence
Your voice is the whisper
Louder than the thunder
Yet softer than the breeze

It is sweeter than the singing
of the birds
As it gently calls to me

Your voice is
Deeper than the ocean
And stronger than the waves
It washes over me
And I’m found in its embrace

To stay here in the garden
To be right where You are
In the middle of Your presence
Is the loud cry of my heart

Your voice calls me in
Deep into the maze
You are such great mystery
Revealed here in this place

Yet you take my hand
And lead me out
So I follow after you
For where You go, I go

I’v heard You in the garden
Yesterday, Today, Tomorow
But I am unafraid
You know my thoughts
And all my ways
You call me by my name

So I call Yours-
that One Great Name
You do not hide from me-
The silent stillness
The thunderous noise
Revealing who You are

You teach me in the stillness
The depths of Your great heart
You cry out in the thunder
Magnificent Great King.

The Name above all names
Speaks into my heart
“Go ye therefore..
Watch and Pray
Teach and Do”

“I am with you
Heart and Soul
My Spirt is your Guide
And I’ll meet you in the Garden
Whether morning, noon, or night.”

“For I heard you in the garden,
My child,
As you came to seek my face
And In the stillness of the moment
You’re revealed here in this place.”

“But my blood speaks
A better Word
A Word above all things
In this garden
where I meet with you
Seeds are planted,
My Words are watered
Weeds torn down
Uprooted, tossed aside

You are not the weeds
You are a harvest!
For My blood calls you free
created new
And clothed in righteousness
For you are mine
And I am the God who speaks.”

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