It was about an hour before dusk, the sun still shining brightly, yet gently sinking, preparing to be hidden in this part of the world by the steady but gentle rotation of the earth upon its axis.  It had rained earlier-briefly.  The dark clouds had moved on, dissipated and been replaced by bright white puffs glowing in the setting sun.  A soft breeze, so soft as to be almost imperceptible, blew intermittently.

In the moment without the breeze it was completely still.  Nothing stirred.  No squirrels.  No birds.  Not a single sound.

Then suddenly birds began to sing.  The clouds rose higher, the sun sank deeper.  Lavender hues appeared like brush strokes across the sky.  Night was coming.  It was inevitable, expected, and welcome. 

Yet, the sun did not rest.  It is only hidden for a moment so that we may rest.  It is hidden for a moment so that the stars and moon may shine, for although the sun is radiant, the moon reflects its light beautifully and the stars-other suns from light years away, twinkle in the sky as innumerable gemstones, brilliant diamonds scattered across black velvet.

This is the masterpiece of time.  This is the masterpiece of creation-a living piece of art on display for the Master artist and his children.  How amazed I am that I am granted the privilege of living inside this unrivaled masterpiece we call the universe!  Ah, but then I remember, I too am a masterpiece, as are you. You are created by the artist who brings life into everything He touches.

I am at once both humbled and honored to know this Creator King.  It is here, in this realization, I am aware of the calling to walk as one who bears the image of the creator. He calls us to shine in the darkness. We are not reflectors alone. We are light because He is light. A living, breathing masterpiece.

For God looked over all He had made, and he saw that it was very good.  Gen. 1:31

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