Your own ears will hear Him.  Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go.”

Isaiah 30:21

I was sitting at a red light.  There was no trying to beat it-the light was RED, not yellowish but RED.  So, I, being the law-abiding citizen that I am, came to a complete stop and waited.  In a moment, I heard, “Move over to the shoulder.”  It was just a still small voice in my ‘ear’, a gut feeling, and an urgency to follow that ‘gut feeling’.  So, I listened.  I moved over.

As I did, a Dodge Ram pulling a large boat came barreling through.  He made no attempt to slow down.  It was as if the red light above was flashing, “Come on through.  Red does not apply to you.”  Had I not moved over he may have run right over me or swerved into the opposite lane, possibly hurting others.  I am thankful that the Holy Spirit is our teacher and guide.

I’ve heard others say, I can’t hear Him like that.  Of course, you can.  He said you would.  He said, “My sheep hear my voice.”  If you belong to Him you’ve heard Him speak.  I believe it just may be possible you haven’t learned to recognize His voice yet.  All you must do is listen and practice obedience.  Jesus said if you are faithful in the little things you can be trusted to be faithful in the larger things. (Luke 16:10)

So, if you have trouble hearing him, begin to practice obedience in small things.  Moving to the side of the road was a small thing.  To move or not to move.  You may hear, “Go a different way to work.”  Do it.  Wear flats today rather than heels.  Trust me, in a job that requires occasional home visits, this small thing has mattered.  I failed to listen a few times and have found myself tiptoeing through someone’s wet yard more than I care to recall.  I now carry athletic shoes and rain boots in my trunk.

Remember the story of Elijah?  If you are not familiar with it, I challenge you to take the time to read I Kings 19.  At this story, God’s voice was not in the strong wind, the earthquake, or the fire.  It was in the still small voice, the moment of silence.  Yes, I know that God’s voice is also in the thunder and the lightening, but more often than not He speaks quietly within your spirit. 

Be encouraged!  He speaks to those whom He loves.  And He loves you.  So, listen. Hear, Go. Do.

Prayer Activation:

Thank you, Father, for the Holy Spirit who speaks to me.  I am training my ears to hear when you speak.  I will do what you say to do and go where you say to go.

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