Dirt Roads and Field Stickers

Life-it's rarely a smooth walk down the trail. We all get a few burs stuck to our pants legs or some stickers in our feet along the way. But we keep going. My Great Grandmother taught me that.

Bread Pudding, Babies, and Family (Recipe Included)

Vanilla and cinnamon mixed with the aroma of baking bread filled the air and propelled me through time into the memories of my childhood. Scientist tell us there are certain sounds, smells, and tastes that act as a trigger upon our memories, taking us home or to a favorite place. Jergen's cherry almond lotion reminds …

Loose Teeth and Taffy

-This is a true story, based upon a child's memory. So, people and places are likely a bit different than actual events. However, ones thing is not changed. My Papaw is an amazing man! My PapawA Lost Tooth I had a loose tooth again. I rather enjoyed having loose teeth.  It was quite satisfying to …

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