Blowin’ in the Wind

The little girl rocked back and forth upon the little horse, the springs creaking with each sway. But she paid no heed to the groans of her little horse. She was listening for something else-a distinctive high pitch tone. She'd seen others do it. If they could, so could she. She had decided to teach teach herself to whistle.

The Running From the Bulls

We placed our feet firmly upon the bottom rail of the cross fence and looked with trepidation across the pasture. The bull eyed us from his domain. But he was between us and our goal.

Up in Smoke

The boys glanced furtively around as they gathered their supplies: corn silk, a wild muscadine leaf, and a match.  With this they were set.   Buck pocketed his portion of supplies and turned towards the old smokehouse. “We can’t go in there.” Cooter said reprovingly.  “Uncle Clyde might need somthin’ outta there and catch us.” “What …

The Laughin’ Place

*Many years ago Daddy told me a story about a prank he and his brother played on their Daddy.   I thought it was funny.  This tale is a fictional adaptation of that story. So, I thought we’d have a little Friday fun!  (Dessert)* Folks called him Cooter Bill, had since he was born.  His sister …

Loose Teeth and Taffy

-This is a true story, based upon a child's memory. So, people and places are likely a bit different than actual events. However, ones thing is not changed. My Papaw is an amazing man! My PapawA Lost Tooth I had a loose tooth again. I rather enjoyed having loose teeth.  It was quite satisfying to …

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