Happy ThanksChristGivingMas

As Thanksgiving decor begins to blend with Christmas decor in my home and in my friend's homes, I realize nothing is neglected or being cast aside. Instead each holiday and the symbols we set out to remind us of the seasons are appreciated together in harmony. Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in …

The Thirty-Nine Year Old Seeds

NOTE:  This is my husband's story.  These are his words as spoken to me and as written in his journal.  There are pieces he asked me not to share.  What I am writing today, I am sharing at my husband's request.  This past Sunday our pastor began a series entitled "Grow".  Last Sunday several of …


Any of you out there feel as though you are struggling to keep your head above water? Do you feel at any moment the waves of despair, chaos, or suffering will crash over you for the last time, breaking you, tossing you into the depths of the ocean floor? You are not alone. The world is hurting. There are unspeakable horrors happening all around us-across oceans, in our own land, even in our own homes. People are fighting for their very lives. People are dying. What are we to do in times such as these? "Be strong and courageous!"

I Can’t Catch My Breath

May is Mental Health Awareness month. It’s important! I love people who are now or have in the past struggled with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or suicidal thoughts. I am one of those people. At one point of time in my life or another, I’ve struggled with all those things. Sometimes all at once. So, …

A Laughing Heart

It was raining last Friday. I came home from CrossFit already damp with sweat and went immediately outside to stand in the rain. The rain poured down my face and trickled down my back as I lifted my face to the sky. Suddenly, and without too much thought, my feet stepped off the patio and into the grass. What happened next both surprised and delighted me.

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