The Running From the Bulls

We placed our feet firmly upon the bottom rail of the cross fence and looked with trepidation across the pasture. The bull eyed us from his domain. But he was between us and our goal.

Coming November 2nd!

Photo Credit: Dawn A. Estela All are invited:Book Launch PartyDate: November 2ndTime: 2pm to 4pmPlace: Allan Shivers Library,302 N. CharltonWoodville, TX Shatter the Cage of Fear...Reclaim Lost Dreams...Release your heart to fly!

The Better Thing

How many choices do you think you make a day? Every day we are presented with choices…anywhere from dozens to thousands.  Most of us begin our day with choosing whether or not to get out of bed.  What will we eat for breakfast?  Will we eat breakfast? What will we wear?  And the list goes …

Vulnerable and Exposed

Photo Credit: Grady Glawson She appeared wounded at first. Perhaps she was merely tired, vulnerable. She landed silently upon the fence railing and then glided to the ground just below the feeder. She wobbled a bit as she walked and her wing seemed bent. She looked about her fertively and headed for the patch of …


Photo Credit: Dawn Estela I am so excited to finally tell y'all my news! I WROTE A BOOK! What a great adventure! Fear is a bully. But with Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust fear will not be the boss of me. God created us to fly!! Book Launch Party Date: Nov. 2nd, 2019Time: 2pm to …

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